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Monday, 18 July 2011

The first resellers... Croci, Gorrea, Caudano.

Of course, One could buy the products  (not only coffee machines) of Mr. Robbiati at his company.

But you could also visit the first 3 retailers... Croci in Milano, Gorrea in Genova or Caudano in Torino.

I couldn't find a lot of information about them... but here we go:

Mr. Croci must have been a friend of Mr. Robbiati. He gave his testimony to the creation of "Brevetti Robbiati".

His shop was in Via Armorati n°8, in the Passagio Centrale which is the gallery behind the post office.

Here the Building:

I can imagine walking into the Croci shop in 1948 and see among other objects novelties a shiny piece of aluminium... a bit like this one ... but new, freshly baked from the Brevetti Robbiati factory.

Now the informations really thin up... all what is left is just the information.

The Flatheads were also sold in Genova by Gorrea... I found an old business letter once on the internet.
Is it the same Gorrea?

Maybe, this blog will be a trigger for new research... i can't wish more. (who knows? Old adverts, or catalogues of the Gorrea business... which bring me to another question: Are there some italian retailer catalogues collectors?).

And last but not least.... Caudano !!! (Torino)

Now a shop with such a long tradition of catalogue making!!!! There must be a trace of Caudano - a warehouse created in 1854!- selling the coffee machines of Mr. Robbiati.
Anyone who can help me there would be thanked a million time.
Caudano is where i have the least information but the biggest hope!!!

The shop was on Piazza Carlo Felice n°10 and or n°28.

Join the search!
... and i don't even think a second of a coffee machine wearing the Caudano Badge. no no no... ;.)

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