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Monday, 18 July 2011

Chemistry Nobel Prize 1946...

3 chemists were rewarded the Nobel Prize in 1946:

James Batcheller Sumner, John Howard Northrop, Wendell Meredith Stanley.

As i studied Biology, i was always fascinated with Enzyms and Catalysts in general.
I thought accelerating a process without changing yourself was pretty cool (and offering also an alternative to more energy costly methods).

I already thought back then... that some humans can also act as catalysts.

This thought came back to my mind as i met Lucio del Piccolo... a mix of the good sides of Italo Calvino's Marcovaldo and Francois Lelord's Hector.

Beeing able to see the small things in life that can make a day...
...the ability to appreciate such things as a row of ants  marching nowhere...
or ... Making of  an old rusted battered metal piece a collectors item, and doing it in such an enthousiastic way that it becomes contagious.

Giving his knowledge away for the sake of it, without demanding a thing in return...

Passion and self-abnegation at the same time.

A catalyst in many ways and a bridge builder within his world, connecting people that knew nothing of their counterparts.

I can't count the hours spent discussing on Skype... and can't measure the help he was for me (as well as his influence).

It was a highlight to visit him and his lovely family in the neighborhoods of Trieste... and it was an honor to be able to host them in Vienna.

Paths can meet in many positive ways... this is one to remember.

Let's just enjoy Life!

Thank you Lucio for your help!
Here enjoying good wine and great triestine food (of which some stuck to my teeth ;.) :

1 comment:

Lvx said...

I do not easily define people I know as "friends".
But... men...we are friends!
We learn day by day and we share our passion. This is real friendship, with good and bad moments, when we would kill each other, and later have a giant beer togheter.
Chemistry or universal energies... we met, and we'll continue this journey togheter.