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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Brevetti Robbiati - Citrus Fruit Squeezer

A special order from Thomas E. Cara to Giordano Robbiati... A Citrus Fruit Squeezer.

It might make one regret that there is not as many Vintage Squeezer Collectors as Coffee Machine Collectors.

You're collecting Mr. Robbiati's creation... try to get that one... there were only 50 pieces produced.

All of them were shipped to Thos. E. Cara in San Francisco.

The date gives a clue to their early business collaboration... the patent for this machine dates 29th of September 1945.

For the ones interested in technical "stuff", here is another drawing for this rare bird:

I would be interested to know if Christopher Cara knows about it and if there is any trace of these machines in his archives.

If someone in the italian community of San Francisco ever reads this thread, this is what i am looking for:

A squeezer unit with an oscillating rotating fluted nosecone on which half a lemon or similar citrus is pressed.

The first one who sends me a picture of the actual object - it might not be higher than 15 to 20 cms - will make my day.

Greetings to the San Franciscans!

From "be sure to wear flowers in your hair":

To a more up to date "it's getting dirty underneath the blue sky" (gosh are we getting old!):

PS: I am aware of the sometimes colliding dates (or not colliding dates in this case)... I just take it as it is... It is based on the memories of family members, these things happened 65 years ago so... If Mr. Cara asked Mr. Robbiati for a fruit juicer in 1945 but only created "Thos E. Cara ltd.d" in 1947, then there is a 2 years gap... so be it. Maybe Mr. Cara junior will come up with new facts... the time will say.

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