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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

BREGUS, Vasagatan 58, Göteborg, SWEDEN

I grab the occasion that so many swedish people visit my Blog at the moment to ask them for help.

Mr. Stern (like Mr. Robbiati for that matter) was looking for concessioners to market his coffee machines abroad.

He was often visiting fairs and presenting his products abroad in big halls, like on this picture:

The swedish general agent for the viennese Stella company was the business BREGUS in Vasagatan 58,  Göteborg, Sweden.

On this picture, you can see 3 different coffee machines, all badged "Atomic":
_in the far back, is the double headed Stella 110E,
_on the left side, 2 Stella 105, one of them (front) with its base 105E,
_in the front and in front of the plant, an early Stella 402E.

How to date the picture... seeing the straight bakelite arms and that the 402E has no bakelite bases yet...
and  the 105E and the 110E haven't been in production very long... it narrows it down to 1953. 

Now, i haven't found more information about Bregus.

My swedish friends, any help will be appreciated... the search goes on.

On the picture, 4 books can be seen with the title "St Eriksmasran" ???? and an unidentified object is laying... identification needed!!!

What is now at Vasagatan 58?

A restaurant with the name KOMETEN!!!

The Stella stars ....  shooting stars ....  Kometen!!!

The restaurant was opened in 1934  by the Austrian Hans Breitneder (who toured europe as a musician)!!!!

Looking forward to positive results about Bregus!!!


PS: We were on Hönö island last year for the wedding of our best friends and we loooooved it.
It was the 2nd time we were in Sweden... and it surely won't be the last one.


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Anonymous said...

Found such website: www.bregus.de however I am not sure if it is connected