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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The "Atomic" trademark...

Mr. Desider Josef Stern who was working in the Szigony business along with Mr. Imre Simon in Budapest, arrived in Austria at the end of 1949.

He soon started to build his business... making the necessary steps to protect his business name as well as the trademarks for his coffee machines.

In february of 1950, he starts the procedure to trademark the names "Stella" and "Atomic" in the category "Coffee machines".

Here the bill:

The trademark will be registered in March 1950 for Austria:

Later on, Mr. Stern will register the name "Atomic" internationally. A request which will be granted on the 20th of October 1951.

These are the countries where the name "atomic" was registered as a trademark for coffee machines:

Here is the confirmation of the Austrian authorities to confirm that the Austrian trademark has been accepted internationally:

The Design of the word "atomic" (typeface) is the following:

Of course, the leaflets and documents of Mr. Stern used this writing style:

But not only Mr. Stern...

In the list of countries, you will discover Italy.
And Mr. Robbiati had to use the trademark from Mr. Stern to sell his machines of Brevetti Robbiati in Italy (and the other countries where he exported where the trademark was valid).

The Trademark was valid 10 years and wasn't reconducted.

Here a few examples of Leaflets of Brevetti Robbiati using the Trademark of Mr. Stern:

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