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Monday, 20 June 2011

Visiting Milan...

Visiting milan was amazing... at the time i was visiting the cemetery, i had no idea that the day later, i would meet the son of Mr. Giordano Robbiati.

We visited the Cimetero Monumentale: http://www.monumentale.net/eng/home.aspx

On the way out, i saw there was at the entrance an information desk.

I asked if there was a databank of all the people buried in this cemetery and gave him the name of Giordano Robbiati.

He asked me... was he thinking we are family members? ... the date of his death.

Well, i scratched my head for a second or two... and finally said sometime in the 90s.

He typed these scarce informations in his computer... took a piece of paper and handed this to me.

"He is not in this cemetery" he added, "but in the general cemetery, you'll have to take the tram around the corner for 20 minutes".

And after a few mistaken ways in the cemetery, we did get lost... so if you ever plan to go on Mr. Robbiati's grave. Got to the main entrance, and walk through until the end of the cemetery, then turn right, 2nd building left (2nd floor if i remember well).


Needless to say this picture is providing you with the birth and death date of Mr. Giordano Robbiati as well as putting a face on a name many have speculated about.

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