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Monday, 20 June 2011

Joseph Tarditi et sa "Nec Tar"...

So close... and yet so far away... or maybe simply too long ago.

I purchased this coffee machine in France about a year ago.

Amazing to find a coffee machine in this condition... the electrical cord is in working order, the base is there as well as spare - 3 extra seals and 2 extra springs, not to mention the leaflet. What a treat! What a feast for my eyes!

The best of my luck was to find inscriptions on the leaflet that led me to research intensively this coffee machine for a few months.

This machine is called "Nec Tar" and was manufactured in a small but picturesque village of Chabeuil in the department of Drome in France.

His designer was Joseph Tarditi. Mr. Tarditi has patented a few of his inventions... half of them related to coffee machines... others on electrical heating or women shoes...

The patent for the "Nec Tar" is really interesting for that it has been registered in France on the 17th of September 1947 and delivered on the 2nd of January 1952.

This patent, though, has been cancelled by the french authorities!!!

One reason for it could be its similarity with the coffee machine patented in Italy by Mr. Giordano Robbiati on the 18th of September 1946.
Its registration was asked for France on the 25th of November 1947 and the patent got registered on the 4th of July 1949 (2 1/2 years before the patent of Tarditi).

The coffee machine brought 3 major modifications, but this wasn't enough...
1) the beautiful Swan Neck,
2) the system to introduce the coffee,
and 3) the heating system - a resistance enclosed in a tube and running around the base to heat the water. You could hence use the machine both on the stove top or plug it. And it heats very well although making coffee with this device might get quite frightening (video will follow in another post).

So i had a name, an address, a factory... and i made myself on the search (a hobby of mine as you will have noticed by now).

It had to decide how to get the best result in the best of time... so i sent a letter to all the butchers, bakers, hair dressers, bar tenders ant to the tourist information and the mayor.

The tourist information of Chabeuil was the first to answer... They were very kind and very patient with me. A bit frustrating but giving me great hope... the daughter is still alive but they are not allowed to give me her name and address.

I had better luck with the local population. And so i sent a letter to the daughter of Mr. Tarditi.

This is the answer i got. (private data deleted)

I allow myself to freely translate this letter in my language into english:

"Sir, i have received your letter, but i regret i won't be of any help.
I never heard about any patent nor of the "Anciens établissements Tarditi" (former Tarditi factory)
Mr. Trutta sold the business very fast, and i doubt he manufactured any coffee machine at all.
He was, i think - (private details deleted) - and - (private details deleted) - since ages.
When my father died in 1993, my mother didn't keep anything as she went in the old people's home.
Nowadays, where the factory was, on the road to Peyrus, is since long ago, a home for elderly.
From this very far period of time, i have in my possession no documents nor pictures.
I have no possibility to inform myself, all the workers have died without exception.
I am personnally very busy taking care of my 91 year old husband.
I regret not to be of any help, and i address you my cordial regards.
PS: My father was born in 1901 in Novello (Italie)"

Novello is very interestingly placed between Chabeuil and Milan:

Milan where i found a patent registered in the name of Giuseppe Tarditi relating an electrical invention and dating 1946:

So this was all i could find on the family side... it was now time to find the family of Mr. Trutat.

Another month went by.

And finally, i did find the son of Mr. Trutat... little did he know too about the business of his father.
Here the few and only information i could gain:

The family Trutat was owning the Business in the 1970s. The production was of a few thousand coffee machines per year. The business got sold at the end of the 70s. There neither, no document left.

From my observation, the machines were sold locally. I have seen a few in the past years and the furtherest distance to chabeuil was 70kms.

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