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Monday, 20 June 2011

Home espresso coffee maker made in France by Etna...

Let me thank first Joan Ramirez for providing me this picture of this home espresso coffee maker made by the french company ETNA in Marseille.

See his amazing collection here:

I have done my best trying to find information about this coffee machine.
Unfortunately, all i could find is this 1962 advert.

So this is all what is left of this factory... one machine and one advert.

I have contacted the town district and searched french factory databases without success.
I am sending this post like a bottle in the sea... hoping that one day...

Let's see what the future brings...

Prière de me contacter si vous etes en possession d'une cafetière E.T.N.A.!!! Merci!


Guien Christophe said...

je possède une cafetière Etna Marseille.
avez vous des informations sur ce super objet??

Mikael JANVIER said...

Salut Christophe, malheureusement tout est dit sur ce Blog et ce n'est pas Grand-chose! Tu peux m'envoyer des Photos? Bonne journée! Mik

Mikael JANVIER said...