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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Good night story...

The kind of story, when you hear it, you might as well stop everything you did on that day and go to bed to sleep over it.

If you are fan of "i bought a Brevetti Robbiati coffee machine for $5 on a churchyard sale"... you might like this one:

May i introduce you to Franco Balzarotti, a great collector of coffee machine (800+) living in the region of Milan.

Like every weekend, Franco goes to flea markets to search for the rare pearl. Between tables full of antiques (i mean as much antique art as antique rubbish), an old man sit in front of a small table. On this table, only Brevetti Robbiati coffee machines... as new. Franco starts a conversation with the seller and it appears that the seller knows the machines very well. The seller was no other than the son of Mr. Giordano Robbiati, who worked with his father all his life before taking over the business as his father retired!!!

That was the beginning of a great friendship between them.


dcampeau said...

There is no other word....


where was I at that moment?

Mik said...

I don't know where i was either... but i can imagine how he felt... because i visited him in Milan. It is an absolute priviledge to be in contact with the families of the manufacturers. There are memories which won't shade... Meeting mr. Robbiati in Milan, Meeting Mm. Stern in Vienna or Mr. Simon in Budapest... it seems impossible to share emotions like these ... because there is no words for it.