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Monday, 20 June 2011

Design Shape Variant Style Form

One particular modern business involved in a law suit over the trademark "Atomic" uses word combinations i can't make sense of:

"Atomic design" ????
"Atomic variant" ????
"Atomic shaped" ????
"Atomic style" ????
"Atomic form" ????

It is particularly interesting that Mr. Robbiati patented "improvements in coffee percolators" (Uk patent) and that many machines with the banana shape already existed when M. Robbiati registered his invention.

Defining as part of the Atomic family every coffee machine in the common banana shape is an idea i can't make sense of.

Luckily for me, It didn't stand the papers i have uncovered in my research.

So for me, there can't be an Atomic shape... The banana shape can be found in hundreds of coffee machine.
Mr. Robbiati protected his design... others protected theirs... some even before him.
So why is there a will from a particular modern business to define now every banana shaped coffee machine as "Atomic"?
I don't know... maybe it has to do with the legal litigation over the trademark "Atomic" in Australia.

Saying that, some parts of these coffee machines will remind you of an Nuclear explosion mushroom.
The bakelite knobs for example:

But believe me, that's just imagination... if you look at the knobs of the Bacchi long enough... you'll see they look like a mushroom cloud too!!!

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