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Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Atomic coffee machineS

"The Atomic coffee machine"

I acknowledge that one coffee machine has been marketed successfully in various countries and for many years under the name "Atomic".

One thing has to be cleared once and for all.

"Atomic" is a trademark.
(one registers a trademark in a category... so "Atomic" can be found on coffee machines as well as austrian skis). 

The invention of a coffee machine can be protected through a patent.

It is very simple.

name is trademarked.
invention (may it be its function or design) is patented.

If you are the trademark holder, you can name any item you are selling with this name.

Mr. Giordano Robbiati called a few of his coffee machines "Atomic" (but didn't trademark the name, he however was the first one to use it on coffee machines)
So did Mr. Desider Stern as he trademarked the name "Atomic" internationally.

So does Mm. Notaras in Australia nowadays...

There seems to be a great deal of confusion here although the matter couldn't be simpler.

Examples of Coffee machines from the Brevetti Robbiati business in Italy (not exhaustive):

Examples of Coffee machines from the Stella business in Austria (not exhaustive):

Szigony/Qualital & Sassoon will be treated separately in other posts.

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